Why should I care about cultural appropriation?


Why should I care about cultural appropriation?


Simple as that!

Cultural appropriation is when a dominate culture takes aspects of a minority culture and changes it resulting in a loss of its traditional meaning and context.

A person’s culture embodies their values, heritage, tradition and history all which should not be belittled. Lets take a look at the Japanese Kimono. The kimono is a traditional garment made from the finest materials and only worm on very formal occasions. It is a very polite and reserved garment, with countless variations for different occasions. Yet cultural appropriation has taken such a garment and made it into a tacky  and skimpy costume often seen on music shows and halloween. And often or not such an appropriation incorporates other elements of other cultures (Chinese, Korean can anyone say orientalism?). Gone are the traditional elements and value of such a piece. So don’t do cultural appropriation.

Culture is important to everyone. Its all about respect. Appreciation not appropriate.

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