“You can wear it, But I can’t”


Ishani Jasmin post on the commodification of culture hits close to home. With Halloween soon and up and coming how many of us have walked out at night and seen our culture as costumes. When we see that girl in the Kimono does she understand the cultural heritage behind it, the worth it carries? Does the guy in the poncho overtly stereotyped Mexican costume understand the racial stereotypes that his subtle pushing onto all those that see him. Whilst their intentions are never meant to harmful, in the long run just like Ishani Jasmin says

“our culture continues to be commodified”

Take a look at her post and the insight on the commodification of our culture. Be encouraged, stop cultural appropriation and understand the harm it does.

“I have somehow been locked out of a culture that I want to be proud of”

Beautifully well written. Check it out!
Ishani Jasmin “You can wear it, But I can’t” (x)
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