Celebrities & Cultural Appropriation, EVERYWHERE!


Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian! What do all these celebrities have in common? (Well besides the fact that all their names start with a ‘K’) They’ve all been recently called out for cultural appropriation and being serial offenders.

So are question is why are celebrities & cultural appropriation everywhere recently? Is this getting to a point where its ridiculous and we really need to just “get over it”?

As you’ve probably guessed by now we @ Stop the Cult really don’t think cultural appropriation is okay. Why? Simply check any of our previous post and there is a plethora of information about it. So to simply “get over it” would mean admitting defeat at letting cultural appropriation be okay. But we do have to admit it is getting a bit ridiculous.

Constantly we are seeing the same celebrities culturally appropriating items for pure aesthetics. So why is this? And why are we letting it happen? Celebrities live in a world of their own and whilst many of us don’t like to admit it often the rules of society (and occasionally the law) don’t apply to them. A simple slap on the wrist, apology on social media and in about a month lets just repeat this cycle again. Its easy to see how we’re getting just plain sick of it. But hey DON’T ‘get over it’. Because every single bit of exposure raises that bit more awareness of cultural appropriation and if you’re also starting to get sick of all this hype, good cause thats when we can all finally shout ‘FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST STOP’. (Lets just hope thats soon).

So if you’re sick of the Kardashians (in general) or for just cultural appropriation (still not sure when they did it? Check it out!)

Have no fear! There are celebrities out there who are finally calling it all out. Recently Amandla Stenberg posted a thought provoking video on cultural appropriation, Zendaya called out the racist comments on her faux locs hairstyle by a TV commentator and explained to us the severity of cultural appropriation and Nicki Minaj articulated her problems with cultural appropriation and fellow celebrity Miley Cyrus (Whats Good?).

So we say, don’t “get over it”. Keep interested, get educated about the topic and share why cultural appropriation is wrong. Get frustrated if you have to but always reason and educate with a level head! And don’t forget to check out those inspiring celebrities below!

Amandla Stenberg on Cultural Appropriation (x).
Zendaya “Explains the Severity of Cultural Appropriation” (x)
Nicki Minaj “Her problem with cultural appropriation and Miley Cyrus” (x)

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